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Leagues, Club Night & Events


Horsham Squash Club

Squash Leagues

The club runs a mixed squash league for adult members. This operates on a calendar month basis and is an excellent way to play competitive squash and meet other members. Players are divided into blocks of 5 in ranking order with the intention that each member should play the other 4 members in his/her block during the month. League members are responsible for arranging their own matches against other players in their league. Current leagues are posted on the club noticeboard, in the squash booking folder and on the members only area of the squash website.

Results are recorded on the sheets on the club noticeboard. Players may join or leave the league at the start of each month. New members are encouraged to play a couple of friendly matches with other league players so that they can be inserted into the league which best matches their ability.

At the end of each month players are promoted or demoted on the basis of points accumulated (not wins) in that block. Generally speaking, block winners will be promoted 2 blocks, runners-up 1 block, etc: however this is not strictly guaranteed as it also depends on members joining & leaving the league each month. Members who fail to play any matches in a block will be removed from the league for the following month and will have to apply to re-join.

Club Nights

The club runs a club night every Friday evening, running from 4pm through to 7.20pm. The evening is broken down into two sessions, 4-6pm will be for singles with all standards welcome: 6-7.20pm will be for doubles for which we would recommend that participants have some prior doubles experience.

Both sessions provide an excellent social way for new and established members to get to know one another in a relaxed environment both on & off the court. Also during the squash season there will be team matches running from 7.20pm onwards, so you can also watch some entertaining games as well.

Team Squash

The club currently has three men's teams (in Premier, Div 3 West and Div 4 West). The match season runs from Sept to March. If you are interested in playing for one of the teams please contact the club office and we will put you in touch with the team captain.

Club Competitions

In addition to the Squash league above (which operates all year round), the club runs a number of annual tournaments that are open to members including Handicap, Over 35s, and Annual Closed

There is usually a small entrance fee for these to cover costs.

Recent News/Upcoming Events

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